Arsenic - Heavy Metal


Extremely poisonous as well as colorless and odorless, arsenic can enter the body through the mouth, lungs and skin.  Arsenic is the most common cause of acute heavy metal poisoning in adults.  Arsenic is released into the environment by the smelting process of copper, zinc, and lead, as well as by the manufacturing of chemicals and glasses. Arsenic is found in water supplies worldwide with exposure of marine life.  It affects the blood, kidneys, and central nervous, digestive, and skin systems. 

Arsenic exposure:  beer, chemical processing plants, cigarette smoke, coal combustion, drinking water, fungicides, meats and seafood, metal foundries, ore smelting plants, paints, pesticides, polluted air, rat poisoning, salt – table, seafood from coastal waters – oysters, shrimp, muscles, specialty glass products, water – drinking, weed killers, and wood preservatives.  Workers in metal smelters, coal burning plants, manufacture of semiconductors, pesticides, opal glass, pharmaceuticals, paint, leather tanning, and taxidermists.

Arsenic toxicity symptoms and disorders:  abdominal pain, acrocyanosis and necrosis, anemia, anorexia, apathy, blindness – progressive, cardiotoxicity, colic, coryza, death, dementia, dermatitis, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, edema, eczema, enzyme inhibitor, fatigue, fever, fluid loss, garlic odor on breath or stool, gastrointestinal system, goiter, hair loss, headache, hemolysis, hyperkeratosis – increased pigmentation of palms and soles, herpes, hyperpigmentation, jaundice, kidney damage or failure, leukonychia, liver dysfunction, lungs and and lung cancer, mental impairment,motor coordination, nausea, nervous disorders, pallor, paresthesis, paralysis, respiratory diseases, salivation – excessive, septum perforation,  sensorimotor neuropathy, shock, skin disorders, spasms, stomatitis, stupor, throat constriction, vascular effects – Raynaud’s, vertigo, and vomiting.

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