Bad Breath

Clinical studies have shown that bacteria on the tongue are the leading cause for bad breath.  Daily tongue cleaning will remove bacteria and is the single most effective way to reduce bad breath.  By removing plaque and decaying food particles that collect on the tongue, tongue cleaning helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease improves overall oral health and even wakes-up dull taste buds.

Bad breath is a common problem for many people.  Bacteria causing bad breath can be reduced by cleaning the tongue.  Most people just cover up the problem with mints and mouth rinses.  A common reason for bad breath is post-nasal drip, which coats the back area of the tongue with bacteria mucous.  The need for a Probiotic supplement may be necessary because the bad bacteria has taken over the intestinal system causing bad breath.  

In order to use a tongue cleaner properly, extend the tongue and place the tongue cleaner on the very back of the tongue with the raised edge facing down and scrape down the top surface gently but firmly four to five times.  Perform this procedure after brushing your teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Using a natural mouthwash made from all natural ingredients is also beneficial in reducing bad breath.  Most brands of mouthwash contain chemicals and alcohol. These ingredients have a drying effect on the mouth and actually promote the growth of anaerobic bacteria.  A good natural mouthwash will have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Using a all natural mouthwash with quality natural ingredients will aid in healing mouth sores, gingivitis and other oral hygiene problems. It will be a natural bacteria fighter and gum toner leaving the mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Kathy Kafka

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