Cadmium - Heavy Metal


Cadmium is a byproduct of the mining and smelting of lead and zinc.  It can occur through inhalation or ingestion in places or situations where cadmium products are used, manufactured, or ingested. Cigarette smoke is the biggest source of cadmium toxicity.  Toxicity affects the lungs, kidneys, liver, placenta, brain, bones, and immune system.

Cadmium exposure:  air pollution, auto and industrial exhausts, batteries, candy, ceramic glazes and enamels, cigarette smoke, colas, dental alloys, electroplating, evaporated milk, fertilizer, fungicides, galvanized pipes, industrial contaminants – airborne, instant coffee, insecticides, marijuana, mines, motor oil, paints, power and smelting plants, processed meat, PVC plastics, refined grains, rubber, seafood, sewage,  soft water, soil – contaminated agricultural, tobacco, water – tap and well, tools, water pipes, and welding material.  Workers in plating and corrosion treatment of iron and steel, production of  batteries, spray painting, cutting cadmium, agricultural, incineration of tires, rubber and plastic. 

Cadmium toxicity symptoms and disorders:  anemia, arthritis, bone fragility, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, cholesterol – high, diabetes, emphysema, growth impaired, hypertension, hypoglycemia, lung disease, hair loss, heart disease, impotence, infertility, inflammation, kidney disease, learning disorders, liver cirrhosis, migraines, nephropathy, ostemalacia, osteoporosis, prostate, renal dysfunction, schizophrenia, skeletal demineralization strokes, teeth – yellow, thyroid disease, vascular disease.

Kathy Kafka

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