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   Heavy Metal Detox Herbal Blend
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Heavy Metal Detox Herbal Blend

Heavy metal poisoning
 is increasing with the increase of pollutants in the environment       and toxicity levels in the air and water consumed by people on a daily basis.  Heavy metals can contribute to up to 80% of the causes of all diseases. Heavy Metal Toxicity has been 
responsible for many serious health problems.   It may be estimated that at least 90% of all 
chronic diseases or serious illnesses can be attributed to environmental pollution in one way or another.  The human body cannot metabolize heavy metals creating heavy metal toxicity. 
  Toxic Heavy Metals include:  Aluminum  Arsenic  Cadmium  Lead  

Seven Day Metal Detox
Package 1 – Detox Blend

This mix of all natural herbs is effective in binding neurotoxins and toxic metals.                                                    It is designed to absorb heavy metals, repairs and activates the detoxification functions, and draws out old fecal matter off the walls of the colon and out of any bowel pockets.  Other benefits of this detox blend include: liver protection, alkalinizing, high in antioxidants, high in amino acid content, antibacterial and antiviral. 

Directions:  Take one teaspoon mixed with a small amount of yogurt or juice daily for                                                                    one week or until complete. 

Contains:  Chlorella Powder, Milk Thistle Powder, Neem Leaf Powder,                                                                                                                                        Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium Husk Powder and Psyllium Seed Powder .


Package 2 – Cilantro

Take one half hour after the Detox Blend to avoid re-toxification

Cilantro has always been described as having the ability to mobilize toxic heavy metals                                                                 from the human body.  This natural herb is designed to release heavy metals  out of the                                                            bones and central nervous system for excretion through the urine or bowels.   

Directions:  Take two teaspoons mixed with a small amount of yogurt or juice daily for                                                                            one week or until complete.  

Contains: Cilantro

Example - Blended with yogurt


Heavy Metal Screen Test

Includes 1 test with instructions inside box.   Manuf. by NissenMedica Inc.                                                                                                                         Instantly test urine, saliva, or drinking water for heavy metal toxicity.

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A personal Heavy Metal Screen Test scientifically proven to do at home. By taking a urine                                                                   sample and mixing it with the test solution - dithizone reagent, it gives results immediately                                                                           on whether you are carrying unbound toxic metal ions.  It specifically identifies mercury,                                                                      lead, cadmium, copper, nickel and zinc in the body.

NissenMedica Heavy Metal Screen Test is an easy, accurate and affordable method to test                                                                  urine.  Each kit comes wit a test tube, test paper, pipette, and complete instructions.                                                                                            One test kit is good for one test only.

pH Diagnostic Test Strips 10 Count with color chart                                   Acidic & Alkaline Testing

Bonus: Informational Booklet

pH Diagnostic Test Strips are the best pH testing strips available for testing the body's  
level.  pH Diagnostic Test Strips are easy to read and the plastic strips do not bleed while                                                        testing either the urine or saliva.  These test strips are sensitive and accurate with a wide                                                                 range of 4.5 - 9.0.  They are much easier to read than pH paper with no mess.                                                                        Practitioner preferred for testing the body's pH level of acidic, alkaline, or normal.                                                                           Do not compromise your health.  Test your pH level in the comfort of your home.                                                                                       
Alkaline Forming Foods
Acid Forming Foods


HEAVY METAL SCREEN TEST Kit - 2 NissenMedica Tests                                               & 10 pH Strips 

Bonus: Informational Booklet
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Mix herbal blends with a small amount of  juice, yogurt or  honey. 

These herbs are all natural with no fillers or additives.  They are much more potent because most other companies use fillers that make the product taste good or use fillers in capsules in order to save in the cost of producing product.  Fillers or additives may not be healthy.  If you do not think you can consume, purchase empty gel caps.  Three empty capsules equals one teaspoon.

These are the best herbal products on the market.  Mixed and packaged regularly for the freshest, most potent product.  

100% All Natural.  No Additives.  No Preservatives.  No Fillers. 

See positive feedback for products listed on E-Bay.                                                            User ID - completenaturalblends and User ID - kaicollection.  Thanks.

Although herbs are gentler than pharmaceuticals, they should only be taken when needed.  Most herbs should not be taken continuously.  They should be used periodically only when needed.

Do not mix or take more than one different herbal product at a time. 

One informational booklet will be mailed for multiple orders unless otherwise specified.

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