Lead - Heavy Metal


Contamination occurs mostly by drinking lead-contaminated water, breathing lead-polluted air, and living in or near older painted buildings and certain toxic industrial areas. It is a very soft metal used in pipes, drains, and soldering materials.   Most lead is used for batteries.  Toxicity targets the bones, brain, blood, kidneys, and thyroid gland. 

Lead exposure:  air pollution, ammunition, ash, auto exhaust, batteries, cable coverings, cans – lead soldered, ceramics glazed - dinner ware and glasses, cigarette smoke, coal combustion,  contaminated soil, corrosives – container, cosmetics, crystal glass production, fertilizers, gasoline additives – octane booster, hair dyes, industrial emissions, inks – colored, insecticides, liver, paints- lead based, paint pigments, pencils, pottery – lead glazed, pesticides, plumbing, PVC plastics, rainwater, soil – contaminated agricultural, solder, tobacco smoke, toothpaste, water transported through lead pipes, wine, x-ray shielding,  Workers in the manufacture of  batteries, scrap metal, welding and cutting of lead.

Lead toxicity symptoms and disorders:  abdominal pain, adrenal insufficiency, allergies, anemia, anxiety, arthralgias, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, autism, behavioral problems, blindness, cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, colic, confusion, constipation, convulsions, delusions, depression, developmental problems, dizziness, dreams – disturbing, dyslexia, dysphagia, encephalopathy, epilepsy, excitement, fatigue, fetal development, gastrointestinal problems, gout, growth delay,  hallucinations, headache, hostility, hyperactivity, hyperkinesis, hypertension, hypothyroidism, impotence, insomnia, irritability, learning disabilities, libido loss, liver dysfunction, hyperkinesis, kidney disorder, mental retardation, mood swings, menstrual problems, mood swings, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, nausea, nephritis, nervous system disorders, nightmares, nausea, numbness, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy, poor concentration, psychosis, renal dysfunction, restlessness, schizophrenia, seizures, sleepiness, stillbirths, SIDS, tooth decay, vertigo, weakness, weight loss. 


Kathy Kafka

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