Mercury - Heavy Metal


Mercury toxicity can affect the central nervous system, brain, kidneys and liver.  Both poisonous and dangerous, mercury is evaporated in the atmosphere and found throughout the environments.  Mercury is found in thermometers, thermostats, some vaccines as a preservative, and is also found in amalgam dental fillings.  Inhalation is the most frequent cause of exposure to mercury.   Although mercury is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, mercury vapor is easily taken in through the lungs and readily passes into the brain. Once in the body, mercury also concentrates in the nerves, liver, and especially the kidneys. Mercury is a potent cellular toxin and is known to decrease neurotransmitter production, disrupt important processes within the nerve cells, and decrease important hormones such as thyroid and testosterone.  Depending on the amount of mercury in the body, the more serious and chronic health disorders become.   

Mercury exposure:  adhesives, air pollution, algaecides, barometers, batteries, chlorine production, contact lens solution, cosmetics, crematoriums, dental silver amalgam fillings, diuretics, fabric softeners, felt,  fish and shellfish – freshwater and saltwater, floor waxes, fungicides, insecticides, laxatives, Mercurochrome - medicine, Merthiolate - medicine, paints, pesticides, preparation H, thermometers, thermostats, vaccines, water – tap and well.   Workers using mercury, amalgam for dental fillings, manufacturing of thermometer, manometers, electric equipment, fluorescent light bulbs, Mining operations, chloralkali plants, paper industries, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.   

Mercury toxicity symptoms and disorders:  adrenal gland dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia, antibiotic resistance, anxiety, ataxia, attention deficit disorder, autism, birth defects, bloating, brain damage, cerebral palsy – congenital exposure, chemical pneumonitis, concentration difficulty, constipation, deafness, depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, gingivitis, gums bleed, hearing loss, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, immune dysfunction, insomnia, intestinal disorders, introvert behavior, irritability, joint and muscle pain, kidney damage, liver damage, memory loss, mental deterioration, metabolism affected, metallic taste, migraines, mood swings, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, nervousness, numbness, pain in limbs, paraesthesias, pink disease – reddish scaly skin, psychosis, pulmonary edema, restlessness, salivation – excessive, skin rashes, schizophrenia, sickle cell, shyness, sinusitis, stiffness, stomach pain, temper problems, thyroid dysfunction, ticks, tired,  tremors,  urination – frequent, vision loss –peripheral, vertigo, vomiting, and white blood cells destroyed. 

Kathy Kafka

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