Nickel - Heavy Metal


Nickel may be released to the environment from the stacks of large furnaces used to make alloys or from power plants and trash incinerators. The nickel that comes out of the stacks of the power plants is attached to small particles of dust that settle to the ground or are taken out of the air in rain.  Nickel can also be released in waste water.

Nickel exposure:  air contamination, alloys, artificial body parts, batteries, braces – teeth, cigarette smoking, coins, hydrogenated vegetable oils, imitation whip cream, jewelry, herring, kelp, margarine, metals containing nickel, metal surface treatment, oysters, partial dentures and crowns, peanut butter, pollution, nickel plating, smoking tobacco, soil contamination, stainless steal containing nickel, water contamination, wire and electrical parts.  Workers exposed to nickel in refining. 

Nickel toxicity symptoms and disorders:  abdominal pain, asthma, blood pressure – low, bone development, cancer, cerebral toxicity and death, chronic fatigue syndrome, dermatitis, dizziness, eczema, enzyme alteration, glucose intolerance, growth rate, headache, infections, intestinal dysfunction, heart attack, hemorrhages, hormone alteration, immune dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, liver necrosis, lung cancer, magnesium deficiency, malaise, muscle pain, nasal sinuses, nasopharygeal, nausea, pulmonary congestion,  respiratory problems, shortness of breath, stress, and vomiting.

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