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Kathy Kafka is the owner of Complete Natural Blends, a company that offers natural products for natural health.

As a health and nutrition coach, I can help make positive changes with your health and nutritional needs. Understanding health and nutrition helps in maintaining a healthy weight and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, some types of cancers, and type two diabetes.It is important to develop a plan suited for your lifestyle.The goal is to achieve positive, long-term results.

Reason to have a health and nutrition coach:

1. Need motivation and guidance.

2. Have weight or health issues.

3. Want the privacy and confidentiality provided.

Coaching sessions include:

1. Nutrition Assessment – Evaluate your eating habits, your current lifestyle and health status. Grocery shopping excursion. Food preparation.

2. Personal Goal Setting – To identify whether you want to lose or gain weight, increase energy, improve health or reduce the risk of disease, or basic health information.Make positive changes in your health and lifestyle resulting in greater health and wellness.

3. Healthy Lifestyle Information – You’ll receive nutrition and health information tailored to your needs to achieve success in reaching your goals. No counting calories or following a strict diet.I don’t believe in that. If you basically eat healthy, exercise and try to reduce stress, you’re on the way to achieving your health goals of living a long healthy life.


1. Improve eating habits.

2. Integrating new and better food choices.

3. Choose and prepare healthy meals.

4. Increase energy and vitality.

5. Stop cravings and binges.

6. Making simple lifestyle changes to become healthier.

7. Achieve ideal weight.

8. Improve digestion and heal digestive disorders.

9. Cleansing programs.

10. Strengthen the immune system.

11. Importance of physical activity and reducing stress.

12. A common sense approach.

13. Lifestyle change.

14. Achieve optimal health.



$300 for a three hour session.  Bonus: Cleanse and Tea products.

To get started, contact me by email: or phone 954-790-0646  to schedule an appointment.                                 Payment by cash, check, or PayPal.


3 Hour Session


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*$1000 for one week - 5 days 11am-7pm.  Bonus: Cleanse and Tea products.

Available outside this area with travel and hotel arrangements.

Contact for availability and payment.