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Beneficial bacteria will aid in gastrointestinal health.  Probiotics or acidophilus are the key elements of overall good health and well being.  To combat this problem it is a good idea to add a probiotic supplement daily. With the environmental and food toxins, over-prescribed antibiotics, along with the high-stress lifestyle, a good quality probiotic is essential in maintaining a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria. 

A good probiotic supplement can restore or maintain balance in the intestine. Beneficial probiotic use is safe and effective, but should be used with good overall health habits including lifestyle and nutritional changes.  Intestinal microorganisms are made up of many kinds of living bacteria that have an interdependent relationship with the rest of the body. The best type of probiotic supplement combines several live species of beneficial bacteria with a competitive strain.  Each strain contributes a different role and works together with other strain of bacteria.  Most probiotics are sold as dietary supplements and no guaranteed that the types of bacteria listed on a label are effective for the condition. 

Take a whole food probiotic as close to a natural form as possible with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or synthetic chemicals.  Avoid a supplement that have been heated, sterilized or pasteurized which destroys the living organisms.  A natural prebiotic should be included as a food source for the probiotic to grow and survive. The number of Colony Forming Units (CFU) should be listed on the label.  Companies can artificially inflate CFU and no guarantee the bacteria will be alive and healthy.  Probiotics vary widely with potency, viability, cost and effectiveness.  Doses can range from a half a billion units or less to high dose formulas of 200 billion units per serving.  A probiotic supplement with several strains of bacteria will ideally benefit.

Along with using an herbal blend known for eliminating Candida and bad bacteria, a good probiotic, diet modification, reducing stress, and exercise, Candida and bad bacteria will begin to die off.   Balance over-acidic pH with green foods, garlic, enzymes, magnesium, alkaline minerals, and calcium.  Drink at least eight 8 oz.  glasses of filtered water a day.  Long term and preventive health can make a real difference in the quality of life.  Maintaining good health is a life long process.  

Kathy Kafka

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