Intestinal Colon Cleansing

Most people are abusing their digestive system causing the body to react with digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea, gas, and many other physical complaints.  Intestinal colon cleansing using all natural herbs is a way to rid the body of accumulated harmful substances.  A cleansed, detoxified body is able to heal itself of a variety of common ailments.  Therefore, cleansing is expected to improve health.  There are many health benefits when cleansing the colon. When the digestive system is not working properly, foods will not be absorbed.

Herbal blends are designed to draw old fecal matter off the walls of the colon and out of any bowel pockets.  It will also draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, parasites and candida overgrowth.  The natural ingredients will soften old fecal matter for proper elimination.  Herbal blends will not only clean out the intestinal tract, but will also provide nutrients which will strengthen the inner lining of the intestines.

The intent of cleansing is to repair the body and restore health.  At the beginning of the intestinal cleanse program, you may feel worse before feeling better.  As toxins are released and parasites and candida overgrowth die off, waste products pour into the system.  This is usually short-lived, and results are life changing. Herbal blends work to eliminate and restore balance to the metabolism and the digestion system.  During the time of cleansing, liquid intake should increase.  A minimum of eight - 8 oz. glasses of water and vegetable juices are preferred. It is important to replenish the healthy bacteria by consuming a good quality Probiotic supplement with active bacteria.  Once intestinal colon cleansing is completed, the results should be noticeable with improved digestion and elimination and more energy.  In order to restore good health, a focus on nutrition, exercise and reducing stress is also recommended. 

 Kathy Kafka

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